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Inc. 5000 № 844
Inc. 5000 № 844
Seychelle Media

Seychelle Media makes generating new vacation ownership prospects look easy.

Seychelle Media has mastered disruptive digital advertising built on leveraged Big Data partnerships, proprietary ad-tech methodologies, and conversion-focused creatives. The result: profitable customer acquisition for clients.

What Seychelle Media Does

Committed to eliminating inefficiencies in existing digital advertising processes, the founders of Seychelle Media launched a company that redefines digital marketing. As a high-functioning, focused team, they maximize use of innovative and effective ad-tech strategies delivering high return results to its clients. Through provocative and conversion based collateral, data-driven strategies, and customized account management, Seychelle Media positions its clients to build engagement, grow their brand, and optimize conversion rates at levels that are measurable and often staggering.

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Why the Seychelle Media process is revolutionary for the vacation ownership industry

The leadership team at Seychelle Media has deep roots in timeshare and an in-the-trenches knowledge of why and how existing vacation ownership sales & marketing processes can be cumbersome, costly, and highly inefficient. Building on their insider understanding, the team has combined innovative, technology-driven new owner acquisition campaigns with purpose-built software delivery solutions to minimize or alleviate the shortcomings of traditional approaches to vacation ownership tours, referrals, and sales.

Historically, cost-per-lead in timeshare benchmarks as some of the highest of any business sector. Lacking a viable alternative process, vacation ownership developers have accepted the sales strategy and its extreme cost. Year after year, the fossilized approach has continued. The industry has relied on resource-intensive methods that call for weeding through tire kickers and the be-backs who sales agents recognize from the start will never be back.

Seychelle Media’s capacity to generate high volume, hyper targeted, lower cost, incredibly well qualified leads is transformational for timeshare sales. Creative concepting combined with marketing automation processes significantly increases engagement and conversions.

While there are many measures of how effectively Seychelle Media’s innovative digital marketing practices are delivering quality leads and online vacation package purchases for timeshare and tour operators, nothing attests more resoundingly than the commitment clients make to the process when they escalate their ad spend from thousands… to millions.

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Big Data

What Seychelle Media delivers is not your mama’s Facebook advertising.

While Facebook offers businesses handy tools for reaching their market, Facebook is legally restricted in the level of market segmentation data it can provide to any account holder.

In contrast, through well-established working partnerships with the biggest names in Big Data, Seychelle Media can deliver pinpoint targeting of the audiences most likely to respond to a client’s ad campaign or marketing outreach. With access to up to 35 Million reliable and current datasets, Seychelle Media utilizes Facebook and Instagram advertising, as well as Google, Snapchat, LinkedIn, and private display networks to literally become a client’s lead generation machine, churning out qualified leads, underpinned with a host of sales support and management and measurement tools.

How Seychelle Media’s Big Data partnerships work

Big Data partners include ORACLE, Acxion, Personicx, TransUnion, ComScore, IHS Markit, LiveRamp, Epsilon, and Stirista. As a Meta Business Partner, Seychelle Media has access to exclusive Partner Data, rollouts of new Meta Platform Features, and the efficacy of its strong, leveraged relationships.

Learn more about the science of lead generation with Seychelle Media, along with call center support, triggered communications, SMS integration, customized reporting, and other game changers for direct marketing and lead generation.

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Big Picture

Making marketing departments look good.

Seychelle Media’s flexibility and menu of services positions them to function as a company’s advertising and marketing agency, to collaborate with a firm already engaged, or to work alongside an organization’s internal marketing department.

Through a suite of digital sales and marketing tools, campaigns can be easily tracked using software that interfaces with the client’s existing platforms. Seychelle Media makes the job easier while making marketing teams look great.

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Seychelle Media’s client success stories include diverse and wide-ranging verticals.
Law firms
Roofing contractors
Career colleges
Online photo services
Health, wellness, & spa services and products
Real estate
Auto and motorcycle dealerships
Mortgage lenders
Timeshare and vacation ownership
Tour providers
Cruise lines
Travel incentive companies
Vacation clubs

Case Studies

Making waves across digital marketing

Meta Business Partner

As a Preferred Partner Agency, Seychelle Media has on numerous occasions been selected by Meta to participate in Case Studies highlighting our success.
Resilient Business COVID Case Study

With shelter-in-place orders in effect due to the pandemic, the team at the luxury resort deal site shifted its marketing strategy by offering “Save Now. Travel Later!” promotions for use after restrictions lift. Read More

Jasper Roofing
15X Return on Ad Spend

The roofing contractor found more customers in a cost-efficient way by using lead ads and opting into campaign budget optimization, achieving a 15X return on ad spend. Read More

Southern Technical College
Reaching career-minded students using Facebook

This technical college captured more potential student enrollees with Facebook lead ads at a 75% lower cost per lead than paid search, and also generated a 2X return on ad spend from student enrollments. Read More
Attracting more vacationers with Facebook vertical video ads

The US travel club ran Facebook video ads using a variety of size ratios, and saw 57% higher online conversions when using vertical ads versus horizontal ads. Read More

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