Investor Relations

The Envie Holdings brands were purpose built to deliver creative, client-centric, tech-driven solutions developed for the sales and marketing challenges of the vacation ownership industry. The impact the company’s brands have made on the timeshare marketing process and outcomes have been nothing short of revolutionary.

Investor Relations Overview

Envie Holdings brands are raising the bar for performance and efficiency in lead generation, tour booking, and countless discrete tasks and objectives of timeshare and tour marketing and sales process management.

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The Ceiling is So High

The fast-growth companies of Envie Holdings include respected brands recognized as game changers along with rising stars, purposefully launched to deliver fresh approaches and high-success results in timeshare marketing. The mutually supportive brands are collectively robust and individually precise. Corporate cross pollination at every level makes Envie Holdings companies a dynamic force for changing ineffectual timeshare industry processes and attitudes.

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Seychelle Media

Seychelle Media, the best-known digital marketing agency in the vacation ownership industry

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VacationVIP, one of the most consumer-recognized brands on social media for travel deals & tour generation

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TECH Envie

TechEnvie, providing timeshare marketing tools and platforms, built in-house from inception to deployment

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Vacation Envie

VacationEnvie, delivering member-only access to resort and hotel deals, white label ready for industry clients

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Prospective Investor Profile

Investment, merger, or acquisition should be driven by interest in:
  • Desire to launch or grow solution-targeted brands, particularly as related to timeshare and vacation ownership
  • Passion for agile processes that support advertising and marketing creativity, efficient lead generation, and customer care
  • Commitment to nurture the growth and wellbeing of employees individually and as teams
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The Envie Holdings Growth Story

Envie Holdings is pioneering and forward-looking in its corporate culture and design. Continued growth predictions are based on the strong past and current performance of Envie Holdings companies but cannot be guaranteed for the future. The numbers, however, tell an inspiring story.

Let’s See the Numbers

Envie Holdings Experienced a YOY 330% Growth in Revenues

Vacation Package Sales
Qualified Leads Generated