Authorized to upload Big Data

Earned through the volume of its client ad spend and its demonstrated accountability and use of responsible and ethical best practices, Seychelle Media, Envie Holding’s innovative digital marketing agency, is Whitelisted by Facebook for the import of 3rd-party data segments. Authorized to upload Big Data strands directly into client ad accounts on Facebook and Instagram, Seychelle Media can market to precisely defined audiences, distilled from over 3,000 data points per person in the U.S.

Seychelle Media accesses reliable, current data from ORACLE, Acxion, Personicx, TransUnion, ComScore, IHS Markit, LiveRamp, Epsilon, and Stirista. All Data Partners are active members of trade associations in the countries where they conduct business and comply with self-regulatory guidelines and local laws.

Here are a few of the many data partners we have available today.