Delivering quality tour generation

Inc. 5000 № 641
Inc. 5000 № 641

VacationVIP makes quality tour generation one less thing to worry about.

VacationVIP delivers volume, quality prospects and tours to the vacation ownership industry via consumer focused, technology-driven timeshare tour booking and reservation services.

The VacationVIP Story

Like other Envie Holdings brands, marketplace paucity laid the groundwork for launching VacationVIP. Clients of Seychelle Media weren’t always equipped within their own call centers, to handle the volume of leads generated by their tech-driven, Seychelle Media-created and managed advertising campaigns. If Seychelle Media was going to deliver qualified leads in high volumes, why not help clients by offering additional call center support and client care services?

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Working collaboratively with Seychelle Media, VacationVIP is now the trusted provider of quality tours to some of the industry’s most respected brands. VacationVIP leverages the scope and depth of Seychelle Media’s power player data relationships to access highly targeted tour prospects, yielding above-average sales efficiency measured as volume per guest (VPGs) for VacationVIP’s resort developer clients.

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VacationVIP and TechEnvie

VacationVIP affords a scalable tour solution beyond the capacity of many timeshare and vacation ownership call centers. Through VacationVIP’s partnership with Envie Holdings’ brand, TechEnvie, VacationVIP has digitally transformed the timeshare tour generation and new owner acquisition process, creating pipelines of high quality leads. VacationVIP provides its clients within the vacation ownership sector an unprecedented volume of qualified prospects and tours at industry record-low customer acquisition costs.

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VacationVIP Additional Services

In addition to delivering qualified leads, VacationVIP offers lead nurture, email, SMS, and phone support, reservation redemption, customer care, and customer retention, all fueled by MarTech, a commitment to A/B testing, and the human touch of VacationVIP’s well-trained call center and reservations staff.

Exclusively a tour generator and seller of travel, VacationVIP excels within its target vertical, serving a clientele that is quite literally the “Who’s Who” list of timeshare’s top brands.


Case Studies

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