Let Envie Holdings brands fuel your customer acquisition and new owner growth initiatives.

Timeshare from the Very Beginning

Envie Holdings brands serve the timeshare and vacation ownership industry around the globe. Clients range from midsize developers to the biggest hotels and timeshare resort brands in the world. Iconic hospitality providers rely on the services, products, teams, talent, capacity and vision of Seychelle Media, VacationVIP, TechEnvie, and VacationEnvie. Clients quickly recognize that Envie Holdings companies come to the table ready to deliver more leads, more conversions, more excitement, and more sales and marketing success than with any strategy previously available.

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Envie Holdings Clients

But wait—there’s more! Along with the household names in vacation resorts and timeshare, Envie Holdings brands serve companies in many business sectors. For organizations interested in growing brand presence, lead generation, remarketing, lead management or any aspect of digital marketing and management, there’s an Envie Holdings brand offering precisely that skillset.

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Targeted Services

Lead Generation
Lead Generation built on ‘next generation’ technology, yielding unprecedented high volume, hyper targeted, lower cost, qualified leads.
Tour Generation
Tour Generation clients can count on for scalable channels of qualified prospects and tours and ease of tour booking and reservations.
Owner Referral
Owner Referral program that is next-level and unsurpassed, delivering quality leads and tours from vacation ownership’s best source of referrals, owners.
Virtual OPC
Virtual OPC is a disruptive and proprietary digital marketing program designed to generate a higher quality tour at a lower cost than traditional OPC marketing methods, leveraging third-party data and geo-tracking technology.
Software as a Service (SaaS)
Software as a Service (SaaS) providing a suite of transformation software solutions for digital campaigns, omnichannel communications, analytics, customer journey tracking and other sales management and marketing objectives.
Owner Engagement
Developed and sustained via channels and strategic messaging that attract and keep timeshare owner involvement. Measurable, targeted campaigns yield loyalty and owner upgrades.
Digital Marketing Services
Digital marketing services including social media marketing (SMM), Facebook and Instagram advertising, brand strategy, social community management, remarketing and retargeting, marketing automation and more.