Our Brands

Our collection of brands takes vacation ownership marketing to the next level - from the digital acquisition of qualified customers to the delivery of tours, powered by proprietary MarTech.

Seychelle Media makes generating new vacation ownership prospects look easy.

Seychelle Media has mastered disruptive digital advertising built on leveraged Big Data partnerships, proprietary ad-tech methodologies, and conversion-focused creatives.
The result: profitable customer acquisition for clients.

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VacationVIP makes quality tour generation one less thing to worry about.

VacationVIP delivers volume, quality prospects and tours to the vacation ownership industry via consumer focused, technology-driven timeshare tour booking and reservation services.

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TechEnvie transforms new owner growth initiatives with seamless digital solutions.

TechEnvie is the developer and provider of a transformational suite of cloud-based software solutions enabling robustly granular and integrated digital campaign management, omni-channel communications and engagement, customer journey management, and real-time analytics.

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VacationEnvie makes luxury resort and hotel vacations affordable.

VacationEnvie is the travel subscription product that powers VacationVIP’s membership business. VacationEnvie delivers fast-growing, innovative discount travel subscription services, providing member access to private, nonpublished, deep-discount rates at hotels and resorts around the world.

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