Envie Holdings
07 June, 2021

Envie Holdings Merger Creates Powerful Timeshare Tour and Industry Growth Solutions

Through a strategic reverse triangular merger, Envie Holdings has been established to bring together VacationVIP and Seychelle Media, two powerhouse providers of qualified leads and tours for the vacation ownership industry. Both are fast-growth companies quickly emerging as dominant in timeshare resort marketing and the delivery of targeted, qualified tour leads and buyers and ecommerce solutions. The companies will operate as individual entities while benefiting from expanded talent and resource collaborations.

Jason Tremblay, Envie Holdings CEO, said, “With this merger, the Envie Holdings brands collectively are better positioned to deliver the volume of leads and tours required by our developer partners for meeting pent-up post-COVID demand. We are seeing reservation rates skyrocketing and cancellation rates plummeting to near pre-COVID levels. Last year alone, VacationVIP and Seychelle Media delivered 106,565 sales of mini vacation packages plus an additional 1,882,263 qualified leads to the timeshare industry, despite a pandemic and travel lockdown.”

Orlando-based VacationVIP specializes in delivering quality prospects and tours to the vacation ownership industry via technology-driven timeshare marketing and reservation services. The company’s client list is a Who’s Who of the biggest and most respected names in timeshare. While many travel industry companies struggled last year, Envie Holdings brands VacationVIP and Seychelle Media saw year-over-year growth of 330%.

Seychelle Media, also Orlando based, is a digital advertising agency built on leveraged Big Data partnerships. Through proprietary ad-tech methodologies and conversion-focused creatives, Seychelle Media provides clients with profitable, targeted leads and ecommerce marketing campaigns. Since its launch in 2014, Seychelle Media has delivered more than 6.2 million qualified leads to the vacation ownership industry. In January 2021, Meta for Business profiled VacationVIP and Seychelle Media as a compelling case study of resilient businesses having thrived through the COVID-19 pandemic. This recognition marked the fourth time Meta has selected and published Seychelle Media marketing initiatives as exemplary case studies.

The company provides advertising and ecommerce through Facebook, Instagram, Google and other channels, leveraging the Big Data partnerships of Seychelle Media that include ORACLE, Acxiom, Personicx, TransUnion, ComScore, IHS Markit, LiveRamp and Epsilon. Seychelle Media has earned the elusive designation of Meta Business Partner.

Envie Holdings’ executive leadership team has in-depth experience in the timeshare industry with an emphasis on sales and marketing, product development, digital marketing and communications. Invested in, and built on, proprietary technology and MarTech solutions for the vacation ownership industry, Envie Holdings is well positioned to be the de facto marketing solution for timeshare developers who seek scalable channels of highly qualified leads, tours and owner engagement and referral campaigns. Recognizing further runway and the opportunity to scale robustly, Envie Holdings projects strong company growth and expansion for the remainder of 2021 and into the future.